Railway Arch evictions

The Railway Arches tenants are to finally vacate premises in less than three weeks’ time.

Lambeth officers have conditionally approved the redevelopment application and justified their decisions with relating it to the “….national, strategic and local policies within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), London Plan and the Lambeth Local Plan”.

The application for planning permission is sought for the refurbishment and redevelopment of the railway arches between Brixton Road and Pope’s Road along Brixton Station Road and Atlantic Road, The work will include:

  • change of use of 9 arches and alterations to existing units to provide a mix of A1, A3 and A4 uses within 26 units and 13 kiosks;
  • creation of a new pedestrian link between Atlantic Road and Brixton station Road through arches 577 and 604
  • installation of new arch infills/shop fronts;
  • refurbishment of the station walkthrough and associated works.

The proposed pedestrian link will close in the night for security reasons – as per advice by the council’s Crime Prevention Officer.

It is hoped that the street and urban artwork will be retained to reflect original the character of the area – but this is not subject to planning approval, we are told.

The question of public toilets arises again. It is possible that Network Rail will combine some of the food/catering units so that they meet the criteria for to construct toilet facilities on the premises. If units remain small as they are now, then planning does not require construction of toilet facilities for customers and the public.

Many of the existing traders might not return to their units as it is claimed that the rents will increase threefold.

There was a Planning Application Committee meeting on 2nd August at Karibu Education Centre that had acrimonious results.

Image from Brixton Buzz
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