Public conveniences

Early in the year, there was hope of getting the Windrush Square toilets back into functionality. The council officers even went as far as costing the refurbishment project and gave us hope that the public would finally have the privacy of spending a penny in Brixton. Well, you can’t have public and privacy in the same sentence it seems, for the council has again caused outrage by deciding to rent space out! We all know where this is headed to – flogging them off next.

The toilets have been closed for over 30 years although they are remarkably in a good state (must have been built by the Victorians). For the last several years, local residents have campaigned to have them re-opened to the public. Brixton Neighbourhood Forum took on the mantle to demand the refurbishment of these facilities. It was at their meeting in March that the council officers gave us false hope that there would be no flogging or letting, only refurbishment.

Apparently, there is no money so, Alas re-opening, it seems is not to be!

During the day, people use toilets in shops and cafes, for example.  The pressing question of where to go arises when people need the facilities in the night time. Off the wall and the camera doesn’t lie!

Image from Brixton Blog
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