Kwazi Cort

Jedidah Onchere, Community Development Coordinator for Big Local Impact, writes:

He breezed in like a whirlwind and made me the happiest community development worker of the day. The last time I saw him, he was aiming for the sky but according to him, he did not know how to relate to the wider society.

I could not teach him that, but I got him a well renowned PR man to teach him how to pitch his idea to the wider society. His practice piece was on how he idolised ’Stormzy’ and how he aimed to be one of the best in the music industry before he gets to 30 years.

So after three failed drop-ins in the office, the 26-year-old Kwazi Cort found me at my desk and couldn’t stop talking. I was glad to see him after more than six months of total silence, very glad, but I thought he had come back with verbal incontinence until I listened to what he was saying.

Who wouldn’t be excited! He pitched his music to the right people and got ‘Stormzy’s’ manager, who has attached him to a mentor – Idris Elba!

Kwazi says, “I am squeaky clean and my music is clean too. Idris is 46 years and I am 26. I still have 20 years to get to the top as one of the most influential black men in the UK. And I will!”

The power of positive thinking and just a little bit of help can change lives.

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