Youth and knife crime on the increase

Knife crime in Lambeth is reported to be on the increase.  Records show that for 9 months leading to January 2016, youth crime had gone up by 9%. The image above shows “… a knife taken from a 12-year-old in Brixton in May 2016” (source: Roy Smith, Chief Police inspector, Lambeth).

A group of representatives from Lambeth warned that this summer, there is going to be more violence among the youth. They requested that a stronger partnership with the Met, LA and community organisations should be supported to help break the violence cycle.

The representation to the Deputy Mayor of London, Sophie Linden, included MPs, councillors and youth workers who delivered a letter. BLNB was invited to sign this letter but was unable to due to short notice.  There was not sufficient time to consult with the Partnership members.  Cllr Mohammed Seedat is keen to get the partnership work started and hopes to get more support from BLNB.

Meanwhile, BLNB report on the outcomes of the questionnaire has been circulated to those on our mailing list.

A series of meetings are planned with community groups to collate their view on the way forward.

We are hoping to launch this project sometime in September 2016 – after summer break.

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