Big Local Impact Success Stories: Cheryl Jumbo’s Black Beauty & Fashion Award

“I have come this far and can’t stop.” 2020 is a challenging year for all entrepreneurs. Cheryl Jumbo has had to adapt to get her fashion awards up and running this year. But this is a demand she is used to.

With the support of Big Local Impact Cheryl successfully developed the Black Beauty & Fashion Awards (BBFA).

On a shoe-string budget and after many rejections from would-be financial backers, her show first launched two years ago.

Cheryl’s goal is to inspire entrepreneurship in the development of black skin and hair care products. The annual BBFA is then a chance to showcase and award the efforts of those who manufacture products suited to BME individuals.

The BBFA is the only industry award focusing on development, manufacturing, advertising and trade in this sector.

The effects of BME being most excluded from mainstream beauty advertising is substantial. It feeds into the lack of understanding which damages the BME community economically as well as harming individuals’ mental health.

Cheryl stresses that fashion and beauty are symbiotic, especially with BME heritage, tradition and cultures.

The first show in February 2018 did not run entirely smoothly, but Cheryl persevered and this year has taken the show online.

“The founding fathers of the black beauty industry, Dyke and Dryden faced the same obstacles but overcame them. I must overcome as well.”

We’re proud of Cheryl’s success. If there is a project you feel we could help with, get in touch!

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