Big Local Impact Case Study: Black Swan

Big Local Impact is supporting Black Swan, a virtual ‘Wellness to Work Initiative’ for Lambeth residents.

Black Swan aims to combat the barriers faced by black people living with long-term conditions, barriers to employment and structural racism.

The pandemic has highlighted the inequality in livelihood, status and health for the black community. Andrea Wright explains how she set out to engage with these challenges.

I’m Andrea Wright, founder of Black Swan Wellness to Work Initiative and this is my story of how Black Swan came into existence. Black Swan Wellness to Work Initiative is a 12 week, online programme welcoming black people living with long-term mental health conditions or chronic pain and carers to participate and co-design it. The course will sharpen your communication skills; learn embodied exercises to support self-regulation; increase your confidence and gain bespoke employment advice.

Black Swan grew from the ashes of an unforgettable year 2020; like the phoenix from the fire. My life drastically changed both professionally and personally and I decided to move back to London, to my home in Lambeth where I was born. As a Jamaican heritage, black woman and healthcare professional, I recognised the growing health inequalities that effect black people, especially impacting those with long-term conditions and their carers. A passion kindled in me and I wanted to do more, prompting me to apply for funding from Black Thrive, to which I was successful. That is how Black Swan was founded. Improving employment and income potential enables people to thrive and improves health outcomes. Black Swan is the spark that allows you to rise from the ashes.

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