Brixton Celebrates Young Art

Use the UP arrow to move forward and the DOWN arrow to move back.    
Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow to turn.
Use the mouse to look around.                                        
Press SHIFT to zoom in on an artwork.

Covid Creativity

Last year artist Kwazi Cort came to us with an idea to showcase Brixton’s young artists. With the pandemic, we have had to adapt and with support from Power to Change, we are delighted to now be able to introduce our virtual exhibition – Brixton Celebrates Young Art. It is a window into young people’s creativity during this year of COVID, and we hope you can take some inspiration as you wander around.

Take a walk through by using your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. Each artist has a section with all their submitted work, their names are signposted on the walls. Some of our artists have recorded audio messages which you can listen to when you zoom in on their work. You can zoom in by pressing the shift key or Z. There are also written pieces from the artists about their inspiration, these are also located on the walls. Take your time to zoom in and read. Please note that this virtual exhibition is not accessible via smartphones.

With Gratitude

Michelle Killington, for your unwavering support with the Art Project. You are the embodiment of community collaboration.

Lucinda Batchelor, for making Getting Organised and Time Management fun!

Sasha Galitzine, global art curator extraordinaire, for your time, counsel and generous writing contributions.

Nathan Taylor, for your forbearance and for providing an incredible home for our exhibit.

Sid Motion and Georgina Lewis, for your encouragement and guidance.

Anna Bromwich, San Mei Gallery, Brixton

A very special thank you to Chinwe, Delaney, Renee, Courtney, Tommy, Sinclair, Angel, Honor, Christlove and Kwazi for sharing their amazing work with us.

And thank you to our funders, Power to Change, for making this event possible.