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The Big Local Partnership is a way for local people to guide the overall direction of the Big Local in our area and provide recommendations in good faith about how the area can be improved.

Big Local Impact is one of the 150 areas in England that have been given funding from the National Lottery to help the community make their environment a better place to live and work. The Lottery money has been allocated to some of the areas where the community does not apply for or receive grants from the Lottery money. The Big Local programme addresses this anomaly and redresses the balance.

This is a long term programme running over a period of 10 years.

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Partnership members

A message from the Chair, Revd Canon Dr Rosemarie Mallett

On behalf of our Partnership, Welcome to the Big Local Impact.

The Partnership upholds the voice of local people in our area.  We are responsible for agreeing a shared vision, creating the Big Local plan, overseeing its delivery, collecting evidence to show how the plan is progressing, and most importantly, striving to make North Brixton a better place in which to live.

For the last three years, the Partnership focused on engaging with communities on our estates. We realised that each of the estates had needs unique to their own environment. Hence, starting to make each one of them a better place in which to live required different approaches. While in the process of considering the unique approaches, we have maintained close contact with residents through our small to medium grants that are developing and supporting grassroots organisations and building capacity in the community.

Now in the fourth year, we have been able to review our Big Local plan. In the new plan, the Partnership retains all of the three previous elements of Safety in the community, Cohesion and increasing opportunities for Employment. What is more important is that we were able to set priorities and create a timeframe within which to deliver our objectives.

From our initial consultations, you told our Partnership that the success of community activities pivoted on the safety on our estates. The Partnership has therefore given safety the highest priority. We have also been realistic about what we can achieve with our budget.  Our intention has always been for the Big Local Impact to leave a legacy in the community. To do this, the Partnership decided on activities that first of all prepare the ground for a high yield.  For example, we are investing in building capacity in the community followed by setting up employment structures and improving our communication to be able to reach residents on a regular basis.

It was necessary to suspend the grants programme in the third year. The Partnership members are careful not to spend all the money on grants within a short period of time and instead chose to use the balance we have to leverage in more funds. We believe that in so doing, we will have a bigger pot of money that will serve our communities better.

We welcome your views and feedback because they help determine the way forward.

Revd Canon Dr Rosemarie Mallett - Chair

Revd Rosemarie has a wealth of experience working in communities, changing lives both in the UK and abroad.

She is currently the Vicar of St John’s Church, Angell Town, in Brixton and serves part time as the Diocese of Southwark’s Director of Social Justice and Public Policy.

Apart from being Chair of the Big Local Impact, Rosemarie is also Chair of Governors at St John’s primary school and a governor of St Martin’s in the Field High School for Girls.

Rosemarie has a Bachelor of Arts in History and French from Sussex University, a doctorate in Sociology from Warwick University and a diploma in Theology from Canterbury Christ Church University. Her experience stretches from time spent in East and West Africa, as a student in Senegal, as a researcher in Tanzania, a research consultant in Ethiopia, and also in the United Kingdom and in Barbados, working as a research fellow on issues of gender, ethnicity, health and development.

More recently, for many years before ordination as a priest, she worked for the Medical Research Council (UK) as a medical sociologist and senior research scientist in the area of ethnicity and mental health specialising in psychiatry and psychology.

Rosemarie is deeply interested in issues of faith in public life, young people and education for life. Community activism has been part of her life since her teens. She has always been involved in a number of local and borough-wide initiatives working to build and sustain community cohesion.

As Chair of the Big Local Impact, Rosemarie’s aim is to ensure that the committee and staff team work to boost community development through partnership working.

Rosemarie says: “Our area is divided by a road, but Big Local aims to bridge that gap, and elide divisions so that we can work for the development of the whole area, people and place. To mix metaphors, Big Local Impact should become a vibrant hub that connects local groups all working for the empowerment and enhancement of the local area.”

Adam Sach
Adam Sach 
Donna Sinclair
Sian Penner
Sian Penner
Big Local Rep

Other members are  Anthony Bailey and Segen Ghebrekidan.