We are always looking for volunteers to help us run our publicity and resident engagement events. We work with several organisations who continuously create volunteering opportunities.  

Funding and grants

Big Local supports groups and individuals to think through project proposals and develop them to a fundable standard. Click here to find out more about the projects we supported.

Our activities

We provide training and development for organisations and individuals, give small grants to local groups and individuals to run community projects, and secure space and specialist support.

Big Local Impact was developed for the Stockwell Park estate, Angell Town, Loughborough estate, Canterbury estate, Gresham and Wiltshire Road dwellings and Brixton Town Centre.

Do you live or work in our area? Follow this link to view the Big Local Map.

The Partnership Panel, composed of local residents, selected London Community Foundation (LCF) as the Trusted Organisation to handle all the finances of the projects. LCF manages Big Local grants.